IMTAC: International Music Therapy Assessment Consortium



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    Why Music

    Webinar: A dialogue between colleagues on why use music in assessment by Thomas Bergmann, John Carpente & Stine Jacobsen.


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    Psychometrics of assessment

    Webinar: Dr. Wendy Magee will lead you through the psychometrics of assessments: what it means to have a "reliable and valid" assessment tool, and how this is relevant to your clinical practice.



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    Music Therapy Toolbox

    This IMTAC webinar explains and demonstrates the use of the Music Therapy Toolbox.


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    Cultural sensitivity in assessment in music therapy

    Webinar: PhD Gustavo Schulz Gattino gives a presentation about: Cultural sensitivity, Multicultural considerations in music therapy Assessment and Translation and multicultural adaption of assessment tools in music therapy.


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    Using assessment in clinical work

    Webinar: Short example of the professional benefits and clinical value of a research-based tool by Daniel Thomas.


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    Defining Assessment in Music Therapy

    Webinar by Dr Eric G. Waldon. The purpose of this presentation is to define what assessment is in music therapy