IMTAC: International Music Therapy Assessment Consortium

Catalogue of Assessment Tools

Designed for use by clinicians, researchers and students, the Catalog of Assessment Tools is an index of clinical tests and other assessment materials relevant to the field of music therapy.  Each assessment tool entry includes information about: the author(s) of the tool, purpose of the assessment, relevant clinical population, format of the assessment, administration time, external references about the tool, and a brief description of the assessment.  Additionally each entry will include information about how to obtain the assessment tool.  The catalog, maintained by IMTAC, is a dynamic index which will grow in size and scope as new tools are developed and added.


Adding an assessment tool

Is there an assessment tool you would like to see added?

If you know about an assessment tool you would like to see added to the catalog, please complete the following template and send it to Dr. Eric Waldon (  You can then have an informal dialogue about the information of the template and how it applies to your tool. When and if all agree on the content, your tool can be included in the catalogue.