IMTAC: International Music Therapy Assessment Consortium


The purpose of IMTAC

The IMTAC collaboration between Aalborg University, Chroma,  Molloy College, National Hospital of The Faroe Islands, Temple University, University of Applied Sciences of Wurzburg, University of Jyväskylä,  University of the Pacific, and focuses on three main areas:

Developing and standardizing robust and research-based music therapy assessment tools

  • To establish, support and develop standardization within music therapy assessment
  • To advise on validity, reliability, clinical auditing and cost-benefits analyses
  • To collaborate on joint research projects and promote multi-site research studies
  • To develop seminars and conferences for researchers and clinicians involved in all aspects of creative arts therapy assessment

Increasing awareness of assessment within and around of the field of music therapy

  • To encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and facilitate discussion between professionals, commissioners and clients
  • To create platforms for researchers and clinicians to promote, discuss and exchange ideas at international congresses
  • To provide information about training opportunities and further education for researchers and clinicians.

Implementing music therapy assessment in clinical practice

  • To establish training courses in music therapy assessment methods
  • To support implementation in clinical practice by addressing clinical application in research projects
  • To collaborate with private practitioners and companies to ensure the clear and transparent sharing of music therapy information to clients, their families and professional colleagues
  • To increase the implementation of music therapy assessment across international health, education and social systems



The consortium includes the following institutions

Ross on Wye, United Kingdom
Molloy College
Division of The Humanities
New York, United States of America
National Hospital of The Faroe Islands
Psychiatric Department, Faroe Islands

Temple University
The Boyer College of Music and Dance,
Philadelphia, United States of America


University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt
Faculty of Applied Social Sciences, Germany


University of Jyväskylä
Faculty of Humanities, Department of Music, Finland

University of The Pacific
Conservatory of Music,
California, United States of America
Aalborg University
Faculty Oof Humanities,
Department of Communication and Psychology, Denmark


Working with IMTAC

IMTAC invites researchers and clinicians to get in touch to discuss new collaborations. Working with IMTAC is simple. When IMTAC identifies a suitable project, a collaboration-agreement is signed between all parties. This document sets the terms on how each specific collaboration will work. Collaborators must apply for clearance at the relevant committees on health research ethics when applicable. Collaborating with IMTAC is an active exercise. IMTAC members can devote their effort to one or more of the following domains:

Research and grants
Advisory capacity
Dissemination & publication
Webpage & database
Training courses
Assessment in clinical practice