The theme of the conference is FIELDS OF RESONANCE and we hope this will inspire music therapy professionals, researchers and students to present their perspectives on the use of music in various settings and situations, resonating with colleagues and peers in a growing clinical and academic field.

According to Matthiesen, Elmholdt, Wegener & Meier (2018) who in their editorial present an article by Lindvang et al. (2018), “resonance is not only a metaphor used to describe a certain psychological connection between persons, but also a tangible phenomenon consisting of physical vibrations that are experienced both visibly and audibly. This tangible phenomenon is ordered rather than random. … resonance is the basis of human subjectivity and the possibility of synchronization, and point to further metaphors from music, such as pulse, tempo, pitch and harmony. … resonance is described as the opposite of alienation, i.e. resonance is fundamentally about connection. Yet at the same time, resonance also requires separateness. It is thus about connection with a person who is other than I.” (Matthiesen et al. 2018).

Read more about resonance in the special issue from Qualitative Studies ( ), and read how the Aalborg music therapy team uses collaborative resonant writing and musical improvisation to explore the concept of resonance. We hope this may serve as inspiration for your contribution to the 11th  European music therapy conference.

Lindvang, C., Pedersen, I. N., Bonde, L. O., Jacobsen, S. L., Ridder, H. M., Beck, B. D., Gattino, G., Hannibal, N., Holck, H. & Anderson-Ingstrup, J. (2018). Collaborative resonant writing and musical improvisation to explore the concept of resonance. Qualitative Studies, 5(1), pp. 4-23. Available online at

Matthiesen, N., Elmholdt, K., Wegener, C. & Meier, N. (2018). Editorial: Resonance in a hurried world. Qualitative Studies, 5(1), pp. 1-3. Available online at


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