Conference organisation

The conference is jointly organised by

  • MT-AAU: the Music therapy knowledge group at AAU
  • DMTF: The Danish Music Therapy Association
  • IfK-AAU: Department of Communication and Psychology at AAU

In co-operation with

Scientific Committee

  • Hanna Hakomäki (Finland)
  • Albert Berman (the Netherlands)
  • Anke Coomans (Belgium)
  • Beate Roelcke (Switzerland)
  • Helle Nystrup Lund  (Denmark)
  • Gitta Strehlow (Germany)
  • Álex March Luján (Spain)
  • Marisa Raposo (Portugal)
  • Valgedur Jonsdottir (Island)
  • Enriko Ceccato (Italy)
  • Alice Pehk (Estonia)
  • Ranka Radulovic (Serbia)
  • Anna Bukowska (Poland)
  • Elizabeth Kaczynski (Austria)
  • Wolfgang Schmidt (Norway)
  • Giorgos Tsiris (Scotland) 
  • Helen Loth (UK) 
  • Märith Bergström (Sweden)

Organizing Committee

  • Bolette Daniels Beck
  • Charlotte Lindvang
  • Gustavo Gattino
  • Jens Anderson-Ingstrup
  • Julie Ørnholt Bøtker
  • Niels Hannibal
  • Ulla Holck

Organising chair

Scientific chair

About EMTC19

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Consent form for the use of photos and video

Consent form for the use of photos and video